Building an ESPHome environmental multi-sensor

Envirosense ESP8266 take 2

Sometime early last year I replaced my SmartThings home automation hub with a Home Assistant VM running on an Intel NUC. Not long after that I converted my Envirosense boards (see previous post) to run the ESPHome firmware and started scraping Prometheus metrics from Home Assistant. There was one thing I wasn’t happy about with my original design. The PIR sensor was frequently showing false positive motion events. This seems to have gotten worse with the switch to the ESPHome firmware. [Read More]

Envirosense ESP8266 Prometheus Exporter

Exporting ambient motion, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure metrics with a WiFI IoT board

Over the last few years I’ve spent a considerable amount of time working with the Prometheus monitoring system and time series database in combination with the Grafana visualization platform.
I had been wanting to track the temperature and humidity of a few rooms and was looking for an excuse to run a Prometheus server at home. I thought it would be neat to use a Wi-Fi microcontroller to collect this sensor data and expose it directly in the Prometheus simple text-based exposition format.

Two completed boards in 3D printed cases

Two completed boards in 3D printed cases

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