Headshot of William Cooley

About Me

I’m William Cooley, welcome to my personal website.

I currently work as a DevOps Engineer and am located in Rochester, NY, USA.
My previous work experience includes running a VPN security SaaS business and providing IT consulting services.

I enjoy finding open-source solutions to technology problems.
Some of my experience includes:

  • Linux - Ubuntu and CentOS system administration
  • Ansible for deploying applications
  • Prometheus monitoring software. Hardware, OS, Networking, Databases and Custom application metrics
  • Grafana metrics visualization. Creating custom dashboards for Prometheus datasources
  • Physical datacenter operations - PXE machine provisioning / IPMI, BMC, iDRAC management / iSCSI storage array implementation and management
  • Cloud / Virtual datacenter - AWS, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, Linode / VMware Vsphere
  • Firewall / Routing / VLAN switching / VPN tunneling (Layer 2 / 3)
  • Scripting applications - Python, PHP, JavaScript (Node.js)
  • Mysql databases - administration, backup, migration, tuning and replication
  • Basic understanding of electronics and RF systems - Amateur Radio Technician Class license (2004) / example project

I grew up speaking English and German and have dual citizenship.